Fill your pipeline with creative confidence.

It’s frustrating. Your team just spent six months on internal ideation, screening, and testing only to find out that none of your ideas have any real consumer interest. You can’t get back the time and resources you’ve already invested, and you’re back to square one. Creativity alone just doesn’t cut it when you need REAL products that work in the REAL world.

That’s why Directions and SEEK developed IdeaSprint™, a breakthrough ideation approach that generates hundreds of new ideas and puts them to the test with thousands of real consumers, all in just ONE DAY.

Our custom-designed ideation exercises incorporate collaboration and just enough friendly competition to truly engage and inspire your team of cross-functional stakeholders. They leverage what you already know about your consumers, and layer on unexpected twists to create new-to-the-world ideas.

Achieving absolute confidence in your ideas requires you to go beyond asking the team, “could we?” Now, with IdeaSprint™, you have the power to answer, “should we?” Here’s how it works: After an invigorating morning generating ideas, thousands of actual consumers evaluate them LIVE as you watch results stream on a real-time leaderboard. Leveraging their feedback, you refine and build upon your best ideas, and roll them into another round of consumer testing. Team members then get to weigh in on the feasibility of ideas, leaving everyone feeling invested, empowered, and energized.

At the end of the day, you’ll have more than a dozen creatively-inspired, rigorously-tested ideas in your pipeline, and the tools you need to prioritize them for the next stages of testing and development.

Now THAT’S creating with confidence.

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