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Fast answers for your burning questions

You have questions and need answers you can stand behind - and you need them now. Speed. Reliability. Service. You can have it all for less than you think. Xcelerant quickly connects your questions with representative samples of real people for answers in as few as 24 hours so you can act fast, with confidence.

Get Fast Answers

Purposefully designed to achieve maximum speed and ready to flip on as soon as you say ‘go!’

Save Money

Making the most of resources and built-in efficiencies allows us to provide cost savings to you

Feel Confident

Backed by a team of dedicated research experts for quality results you can stand behind

Use cases


  • Profile your target
  • Size the market
  • Measure awareness, attitudes, usage

Innovate & Optimize

  • Prioritize ideas
  • Test and refine concepts or products
  • Optimize pricing

Quick Test

  • Test content, messaging, taglines and headlines
  • Pre-test print, radio and video ads

Build Story

  • Gauge sentiment on issues or events
  • Poll on general, political or social topics
  • Gather stats and insights for publicity
  • Quick pulse
  • Track over time
  • Fill research gaps
  • Supplement trackers
  • Inform research design
  • Dig deeper or validate results

Services To Meet Your Specific Needs

National U.S.

Next-day results from 1,000+ demographically balanced, nationally representative U.S. adults

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Fast and flexible research for hard-to-reach audiences or other unique needs

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Rapid results fielded across multiple countries, fully supported by global research experts

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Featured Groups

Quick access to common groups of interest such as teens, parents, generations, and state/major markets

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Dedicated Expertise, Service, and Support

Ed Petrone

Ed Petrone

VP, Xcelerant Lead

Ed brings over 15 years of experience, specializing in developing best-in-class omnibus solutions.

A trusted advisor and partner to clients, his leadership is driven by his passion for quickly connecting people to the right answers they need to make the best business decisions.

Fueled by creativity and care, Ed and the Xcelerant team of research experts ensure personalized support every step of the way.

  • Questionnaire development, sampling, data analysis, among other functions
  • Wide range of industries and research areas
  • B2C, B2B, and hard to reach audiences
  • Global research

Ed talks live about key benefits of Xcelerant and ‘why it’s not your grandfather’s omnibus’ on THE R.I.D.E., a podcast focused on innovation in the insights industry.

Directions is independently recognized as the #1 custom insight provider for customer service by the Prevision annual survey of research buyers

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